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Acquavite Most

Available quantity: 2
Acquavite Most

Brand: Bepi Tosolini

Production zone: Friuli Venezia Giulia


The Most, which is the feather in the company’s hat, starts out with crushed, destemmed grapes that are left to ferment in ash wood vats, which according to the family’s longstanding tradition, are better able to preserve the delicate organoleptic features of the distillate, in particular, its purity and transparent, white appearance. The distillation then takes place in copper stills in a discontinuous cycle, which was invented by Bepi Tosolini more than 50 years ago in order to guarantee the continuity of the flavours and aromas of the grape harvest. The result is an acquavite with a delicate, aromatic bouquet that remains on the palate with a dry aftertaste. The selected vinestocks for this line are truly special: the rare Picolit, which is typical of the Region of Friuli, the Ribolla Gialla, the Ramandolo, the Fragolino, the MoscatoRosa vinestocks, and, exclusively for the historic series, the Ribolla Nera variety. Each distillate is proposed in elegant hand blown glass bottles, which exalt the characteristic crystalline appearance of Bepi Tosolini spirits.

Available quantity:2

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