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Moscato d'Asti

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Moscato d'Asti

Brand: L'Armangia

Production zone: Piemonte

Vintage: 2011Format: 0.75
Alcohol content: 5Type: Appellation:

Harvest operations begin on Sept. 10th-17th and end three-four days later.
After soft pressing, vinification consists of a cold-storage phase, followed by fermentation and, eventually, by the development of effervescence in a pressure tank for up to 30 days. The end of this phase coincides with bottling.

Tasting notes:
The wine is characterized by moss and sage hues as well as by the typical palatal persistence of Canelli�s Muscats.
Scents of orange blossom, golden apples and pears, and, occasionally, bell peppers.
Thanks to late bottling, it remains fresh and fragrant for a long time, with a positive development of the bouquet throughout the first year.
A perfect match for biscuits, non-creamy pastry and fruit, it combines unexpectedly but successfully with fresh cold cuts and long-fermenting cheeses.
Serving temperature: 9-11�C.

Available quantity:12

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