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Available quantity: 6

Brand: Bruna

Production zone: Liguria

Vintage: 2010Format: 0.75
Alcohol content: 12.5Type: Appellation: DOC

The wine’s strengths are the pleasantness of drinking and the discrete presence of the tannins that belong to the tradition of its territory. Fresh from the cellar it is naturally paired to fish dishes.

DESCRIPTION: light ruby red color. Small woods strawberries to the nose, raspberries and corbezzolo (arbutus unedo). In the mouth it is wine of light structure and easy drinkability thanks to its soft tannins. The finish is pleasant with an almond note.

SUGGESTED PAIRINGS: it can easily be paired with multiple dishes: first courses, vegetables, rabbit, cold cuts but also stuffed fish and cooked with tomatoes and vegetables.

Available quantity:6
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