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Available quantity: 12

Brand: Burlotto

Production zone: Piemonte

Vintage: 2004Format: 0.75 cl
Alcohol content: 14Type: red wineAppellation: D.O.C.G.

Village of Production: Verduno

Type of Grape: Nebbiolo

Vinification: Vinification requires a maceration-fermentation of almost 15 days in vats of French oak, with pumping over, remixing and re-submerging the wine on a daily basis, as well as temperature control, in case of excessive variations. By achieving malolactic fermentation in steel containers, the wine ages for 2 ½ years in Slavonian and Allier oak casks, holding 35-50 hectoliters. Bottling: After bottling, normally done in August, the wine rests in the wine cellar for at least 12 months before release.
Available quantity:12

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