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Tre Di Terre Verdiane

Available quantity: 11
Tre Di Terre Verdiane

Brand: Cantine Ceci

Production zone: Emilia Romagna

Vintage: Format: 0.75
Alcohol content: 12Type: Appellation: Spumante Extra Dry

Manufactured from the finest aromatic grapes of our territory, obtaining its sparkle from the old┬ Martinotti method. Extraordinary to the nose for the floral sensations of roses and hawthorn and for the┬ fruity scents of apples and peaches. It leaves an evident freshness on the palate bringing out a totally┬ balanced taste, masterfully enhanced by a good final mellowness.

Excellent as an aperitif, yet this wine┬ is also an ideal companion of delicate salami and cold pork meats and fish dishes.

...Three like Tre di Terre Verdiane, Piano, Harp and Violin, perfect for the most unique harmony in the world.

Three as Tre of Terre Verdiane, elegance, character and refinement, major players for an amazing melody...

Serving temperature: 6-8┬░C

Available quantity:11

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