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Cartizze Sior Toni

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Cartizze Sior Toni

Brand: Vineyards V8+

Production zone: Veneto

Vintage: Format: 0.75
Alcohol content: Type: Appellation: DOCG

Origin: Cartizze hill

Grapes: 100% Glera

Wine-making: After the manual harvest, the grapes are removed from their stalks and undergo a soft pressing. The alcoholic fermentation occurs in stain-less steel containers at a controlled temperature, in order to preserve the aromas that the special micro-climate of Cartizze instills in its wine grapes. The wine then is put into steel autoclaves for about 30 days to capture the effervescence.

Winetasting: To the eye it gives off a straw-yellow colour with a subtle yet constant froth. It intoxica-tes one’s sense of smell with intense and defined scents of rennet apple, fresh fruit and acacia honey. In the mouth it expands to reaffirm the elegant fruity sensations perceived by the nose and adds a sapid, pleasingly sweet aftertaste.

Available quantity:0
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