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Prosecco Sior Piero

Prosecco Sior Piero

Brand: Vineyards V8+

Production zone: Veneto

Vintage: Format:
Alcohol content: Type: Appellation: D.O.C.G.

Made from 100% Glera grapes and a vinification process that is attentive to the dictates of traditional Veneto sparkling wine.

Winetasting: In appearance it gives off a straw-yellow color carried about by a slender and conti-nuous froth. To the nose its fragrance is of fresh fruit, with a defined resemblance to rennet apple. In the mouth it expands vigorously and is immedia-tely pleasing, enchanting the palate with fruity sen-sations and unmistakable smoothness. Young and intriguing, it combines a pleasantly sweet aftertaste with an inviting freshness.


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