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Moscato Spumante Sior Gildo

Moscato Spumante Sior Gildo

Brand: Vineyards V8+

Production zone: Veneto

Vintage: Format: 0.75
Alcohol content: 9Type: Appellation:

Grapes: 100% Moscato.

 Vinified strictly from Moscato grapes that are cultivated on the Euganean Hills, this sparkling wine, processed under the Charmat Method, is the emblem of aromaticity. It fills the palate with sweet and fruity sensations and refreshes it with a gentle effervescence. 


Wine-making: Once harvested, the grapes are re-moved from their stalks and undergo a soft pressing. The must is collected in steel tanks where the absence of oxygen and a controlled temperatu-re generate the alcoholic fermentation. The wine obtained is submitted to the sparkling process in autoclaves to impart its unique effervescence.

Color: straw colored of medium intensity, with creamy subtle froth.

Bouquet: to the nose it emanates intense aromas with distinguishing marks of citrus and apricot. On the palate it is sweet but not clo-ying, with a moderate acidity that makes it fresh and invites another sip.



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