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Brecciarolo Rosso Piceno

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Brecciarolo Rosso Piceno

Brand: Velenosi

Production zone: Marche

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Production Zone: winery's own vineyards in the
municipalities of Offida and Ascoli Piceno.
Blend: Montepulciano, Sangiovese. Fermentation: after destemming, the grapes are channelled
into 200hl steel fermenting vats, fitted with a pumpover
system and temperature control. Maceration on the skins lasts
about 20 days. After fermentation the wine is poured into
aged barriques, which the previous year had stored wines
then used for producing Roggio and Ludi.

Colour: Ruby red with a hint of garnet.
Bouquet: Intense and varietal, with vanilla nuances.
Taste: Its warm, lingering, full-bodied and well-orchestrated
flavour makes it a distinguished and equally charismatic

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