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Barrolo Tortoniano

Available quantity: 8
Barrolo Tortoniano

Brand: Michele Chiarlo

Production zone: Piemonte

Vintage: 2007Format: 0.75
Alcohol content: 13.5Type: Appellation: DOCG

Vine: Nebbiolo 100%. Vine training method: Guyot Area of provenance: communes of La Morra-Barolo, where there are lands of Tortonian geological origin. Fermentation: 15 days in contact with the skins, at 28-30° C.
Maturation: 2 years in 50 – hl oak barrels.

Characteristics: fascinating, ethereal, complex bouquet.
Typical notes of juniper, anise, sweet tobacco and delicate spices. Taste: ample, harmonious, with a long and pleasant aftertaste.

Serving temperature: 18-19° C.
Accompaniments: a stupendous wine for roasts, game and ripe cheese.


Available quantity:8

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