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Barbera del Monferrato "Rive Rosse"

Available quantity: 17
Barbera del Monferrato "Rive Rosse"

Brand: Vinchio - Vaglio Serra

Production zone: Piemonte

Vintage: 2009Format: 0.75 lt
Alcohol content: 13Type: Appellation: Barbera Monferrato DOC

varietal:   Barbera

vinification: Destalking and crushing, maceration at controlled temperature in programmable vinifier. Re-fermentation in autoclave.

Sensory profile: The Barbera del Monferrato "RIVE ROSSE" expresses with its liveliness the best trait of Monferrato''s character. When you uncork a bottle and pour this wine you can experience a sensation of pleasure and cheerfulness. Its liveliness makes it the most characteristic and typical among all Piedmontese wines. It has a bright ruby-red colour, more or less deep. It has a fruity scent and a dry or lightly sweetish, well-bodied, and lightly sparkling.


Available quantity:17

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